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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Why localization is extensive ?

Localization” is a more comprehensive process and addresses cultural and non-textual components as well as linguistic issues when adapting a product or service for another country or locale. Every country have their own language and every state have their own local language.

#Localization help to understand languages in their own local way.

It is a translation process for a product translation of a specific region. This translation is a Translation and cultural adaptation to account for differences in distinct markets.

Localization {referred as #l10n} is the process of adapting a product or service to a specific locale. Translation is only one of several elements in the localization process.

What Is Localization?

Always people get often confused with Localization with translation, but these terms actually mean two different things. Localization is the process of alteration a product or content to a specific location or market, according to the Globalization and Localization.

In Translation it is the process of translating the text from one language to another. Translation is one feature of localization, but localization is in large-scale or you can say extensive.

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