Localization and Subtitling

How are they different? Which service do you need?

Translation” is the process of rendering text from one language into another so that the meaning is equivalent. “Localization” is a more comprehensive process and addresses cultural and non-textual components as well as linguistic issues when adapting a product or service for another country or locale.

"Subtitling" Subtitle translation is the art of translating one video language into another through written text subtitles.

Translation and localization can help you to communicate with the global marketplace.

To reach a growing global market, you need to not only translate your content into a foreign language, your content needs to be localized, which involves a more comprehensive cultural adaptation to better reach your target audience.

Translation means to render a text that is in one particular language, to another language.

It's the accurate transference of information in order to represent the original document to the target document.

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The most common types of translations that are performed

  • Literary Translation

  • Software Localization

  • Commercial Translation

  • Legal Translation

  • Technical Translations

  • Judicial Translation

  • Administrative Translation

  • Medical Translations

  • Multimedia Translation

  • Digital Content Translation

  • DTP Translation



Subtitle translation is the art of translating one video language into another through written text subtitles. In order for this to work effectively, you therefore need to use highly efficient and trained linguists.

What are the different types of subtitling?

There are two main types of subtitling: intralingual and inter-lingual. Intralingual subtitling is subtitling done in the same language that is being spoken. Interlingual subtitling, on the other hand, is subtitling that is in a language besides the spoken one. 

Foreign- Subtitle Languages

Capital Captions, we work with foreign subtitling, and subtitle translation. We can caption your Language video and translate it into a number of different languages.
We also work with foreign subtitling foreign video and translating into target language. We  offer subtitling and transcriptions services in a large range of languages including: English, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali,(All Indian language) and more…

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